Sadie's Mammaw, Carolyn Dorsey, wanted to find her own special way to remember her precious Sadie in a positive way.  What better way than to bring some Sadie Sunshine to other people going through cancer treatment?

Carolyn has a love for crocheting, and even has a Yarn Cafe in a beautiful shop called Memories Past & Present in Henderson, Kentucky.  So, it was a perfect fit when she started the Sadie Sunshine Chapter of Crochet for Cancer, in which people from all over the world crochet and/or knit hats for others who are fighting cancer of any kind.  Carolyn reached out to several hospitals and cancer treatment centers in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana, and regularly delivers boxes of hand-crocheted hats and prayer cloths to them to give to their patients.  She also is happy to ship a special delivery for individuals who are brought to her attention by friends, family, and acquaintances.  These hats are very well-received, and patients of all ages truly appreciate the love that is shown to them during a very difficult time.

Crochet for Cancer--Sadie Sunshine Chapter is a way that Carolyn do something that she loves, all while honoring Sadie's memory and keep Sadie's little light shining.

For more information on how you can get involved, please visit her facebook page at  You will be blessed in reaching out to others, and you can rest assured knowing you will be spreading Sadie smiles and sunshine all around.

The Sadie Sunshine Chapter


Crochet for Cancer